god, Get a Life; or, Could You be More Intellectually Maladroit – I Fail to Understand

I have become aware of another instance of a common christian / atheist put down. I generally let these flush with other internet sewage posing as clever commentary, or boasting of hateful attack.

Today is different. There is a power, a force, an intangible… Ok, god called complaining about yet another runaway doofus trying to look cool with the “an atheist’s life can’t have meaning” thing.

Here’s the opening bit. This is written in the voice of a graduating atheist student’s class address. In his blog the writer suggests he is upset that christian students are sometimes advised to not speak of god, the bible, etc.

You are a dirt clod of the earth; you mean nothing and will amount to nothing in the end.  If the clod thinks he is something, when he is nothing, then he only deludes himself.

The remainder is similarly deep thinking drivel.

There’s so many directions to go with such juvenile expressions of hatred. As those that push such tripe are generally not worth much effort, I’ll be brief.

The premise of this contrived reasoning is no life has value absent god.

The sad reality is that those promoting such a fallacy indeed appear to prove it true for themselves. There lives are far, far too dependent on their god. They derive their meaning, persona, demeanor, and worldview from a concept riddled with hatred and cruelty. And it shows.

I have wonderful, indeed joyous, news for that christian writer, however. You will not forever burn in hell for your transgressions against others. Yep, god called again and said that whole heaven / hell thing was just a ploy; a very primitive behavioral control mechanism. So not to worry there.

Oh, god also asked me to pass on that he doesn’t exist, and to challenge you to prove we didn’t speak and he didn’t say that.

Now before your brain explodes at the idea, I want you to know I challenged god on his premise. You know, he called, were talking, but he really doesn’t exist. I started to argue it’s absence of logic. I mean it just couldn’t be. Well, you know god. He swiftly cast aside that bit of sensibility and reminded me he’s god. He can do anything.


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