Yo, Satan, Another Load of Abominations Coming – I Fail to Understand the Hatred

From CA pastor orders Christians to ‘isolate’ LGBT kids and then ‘turn them over to Satan’

California Pastor John MacArthur said during a recent edition of his “Grace to You” show that parents of LGBT kids should cast them out of their lives and “turn them over to Satan.

There’s so much I can and would like to say about this. I refrain from further comment beyond the following.

Sick. Hateful. For this brief moment I take solace in believing God, Heaven, Hell, and Satan exist. For this brief moment I relish the fact that my belief consoles me as I know with absolute certainty that evil children of god like you are bound for an eternity in the Fires of Hell.

Ok, hate mode off. See what religion does for you.

I am a compassionate being. I value diversity.


4 thoughts on “Yo, Satan, Another Load of Abominations Coming – I Fail to Understand the Hatred

  1. They’re being hateful, but I like to think it’s because they’re losing. Slowly but surely, the LGBT community has been gaining their rights. The push will continue and eventually, I hope, the religious community will conform to the society that surrounds it.

    Or maybe they’ll keep saying hateful things like this Pastor and become obsolete.

  2. I agree that the codification of rights is progressing, and that’s a very good thing. That’s not the end of it, though. Consider racism in the U.S. The Civil Rights movement made huge strides, passed and changed laws, and helped change the world view of generations. And there are now those claiming whites are the new victims of racism, taking huge swipes at voting rights, and would ultimately reverse decades of progress.

    While I wish it weren’t the case, hateful bastards like this guy will be around for a long time to come.

  3. The last gasps of a man who has lived an underwhelming life and now uses extremism to get attention.

    Well congratulations, your legacy is hate speech.

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