They Are People! I Fail to Understand the Hatred

I’m doing some reading on the U.S. Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. It’s both a frightening and positively moving time in history. The treatment of blacks as a lesser form of life was a generations long practice of which there were many proud practioners, even among god fearing christian people.

I read of Eugene “Bull” Connor, who was the Birmingham, AL, Commissioner of Public Safety during that time. I saw period news clips of peaceful black marchers being beaten down with the streams of 100 psi fire hoses. I saw the police dogs Connor ordered released attacking black protesters.

Well, thank god all that is behind us. We have new and bigger problems. There is a new racism afoot. White folks in the U.S. are increasingly being oppressed. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 must be dismantled, surgically at first, so no one will notice. Eventually those with the god given right to rule will do so.

Honestly, that all makes me a little sick. So I offer a stark reminder of where we come from. Those squeamish about offensive racist language should leave now.


I was stunned, and yet it saddens me to say I have no reason to be surprised.

I captured the image from Segregation at All Costs: Bull Connor and the Civil Rights Movement

Anyone interested can obtain a copy of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – House Library.

Forget the history and…

I am a compassionate being. I value diversity.


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