Moral Leadership from Slavers – So Hateful, and So Disrespectful of Life. So Sad.

m1k3ybuddha32 wrote a piece on slavery, Slaving Away.

Referring to christian response to biblical support for slavery, m1k3ybuddha32 wrote:

In fact, it’s so tough that most try to explain it away by saying that biblical slavery is somehow “different” than what we understand slavery to be.

I have to admit, I was surprised at one of the responses. m1k3ybuddha32 was spot on in correctly anticipating the nature of the response, and yet the commenter went so much further.

I come from a long line of racist haters and none of them were so self-righteous, blinded by hubris, and poisoned with a sweet smelling hatred of all those lesser lives on which no real value is placed.

So, from the belief system that brings you feasts of boiled babies and the always entertaining foreskin hunt, I present you with a case for slavery. I have picked the most ripe of the commenter’s trail of cherries.

tsaebxiii on June 26, 2014 at 16:31

Slavery is inherently wrong if and only if authority equates with value because, if that is the case, allowing someone to be owned makes them less valuable than their owner.

As abhorrent as you’ll likely find this, I would then argue that slavery is not inherently wrong.

…for the most part, slaves have been treated as though they are inherently less valuable than their masters, and this approach is indeed abhorrent. However, this isn’t a problem with slavery, it’s a problem with slaveowners and their cultures.

In Christianity, inherent authority is independent of inherent value, and therefore it is the Biblical restrictions upon slavery that distinguish Biblical slavery as moral from the immoral, abhorrent way slavery has been done in other times and places.

So hateful and so disrespectful of life.

I Fail to Understand the Hatred

I am a moral being. I value life.


7 thoughts on “Moral Leadership from Slavers – So Hateful, and So Disrespectful of Life. So Sad.

  1. Great post. I’m infuriated by it. I’ll have to write something to blow off some anger. Friggin’ unbelievable how these “believers” equivocate the sickest crap into righteousness when it’s in the bible.

  2. I learned on EWTN (which was being refreshingly honest) that before the civil war most Catholics held on to their slaves even after the Vatican pronounced an anathema on the practice, even a bishop in the south kept his slaves. Jesus pronounces an absolute prohibition on remarriage after divorce in Mark 10 and Christians still get married three, four times. Peter and Paul say obey the king, and Christians hold up the American Revolution as some kind of religious awakening. And so it doesn’t really matter what the Bible says about anything, does it?

  3. Slavery is one of those things that is obviously wrong on its face, but it’s difficult to articulate a specific reason against it, mostly because very few people seem to need a specific reason. The commenter you quoted appears to be one of those people that does.

    His argument appears to rest on the Bible talking about authority, not value, so there’s no reduction in value of human life, and therefore slavery is okay. It ignores the basic premise of slavery, namely that a human being’s will is suborned to another for no other reason than for an exchange of value(sale) or by force of law(conquest). This premise violates the principle that human beings should be free to determine how to live their lives in harmony with other human beings, and the principle that no human has more worth than another.

    Therefore slavery, in and of itself, diminishes the value of a human being, and therefore it is an institution that should be fought against until it is ended.

    I understand this reasoning may seem a bit obvious, but I hope it would be useful for anyone who wants an articulable argument against views like the quoted commenter suggested.

    • Thank you for such a cogent observation.

      I tend to take a simple and sometimes simplistic stance on much of this. For example, if a person desires to kill my child to satisfy a biblical edict, or wishes to argue such an act is or ever was acceptable due to the origin of its authority, I find no basis for discourse.

      So please, exercise your intellect and patience and help others understand. Such skill and effort are indispensable on both sides of these issues.

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