People Believe this Drivel? I Fail to Understand the Intellectual Laziness

I’m unsure why it surprises me that someone holding a bible can create ridiculously fallacious propositions and the masses of believers believe it because that’s what the believers do. Sorry. I just thought that needed silly phrasing.

We now have a new christian scientific process. The beauty of it is that anyone can be a scientist. Minimal or no training is required, and intelligence is completely optional. It works like this:

Some whacko holds a bible in one hand and tells an audience of the faithful early man had dinosaur petting zoos. New absolute truth and scientific fact created.

If you’d like to laugh at the serious subject matter at hand, and much more, I highly recommend the YouTube channel of DarkMatter2525. It’s all animated, all hilarious, and all on point. I’m a huge fan of God & Jeffery.

For your entertainment, “Were You There?”


9 thoughts on “People Believe this Drivel? I Fail to Understand the Intellectual Laziness

  1. Good stuff! I had a discussion with a Christian who told me that I’m atheist because I believe in secular science. I told him that “secular science” is the very reason that I failed Catholic chemistry…transubstantiation was difficult. LOL! 🙂

    • There’s confusion and desperation in their wordplay. They are attempting to counter the perceived threat of science by labeling their magic as science. And of course as it’s magic and someone holds up.a bible, it must be true.

  2. I just found out about Ken Ham the other day and wrote a short little thing up on him because I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

    But this… this is just amazing.

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