Is it okay to believe in god?

Of course it’s okay to believe in a god. Belief is a very personal and private thing, and I’m unsure I could contrive a condition under which it must, or could, be controlled.

When one externalizes a belief and creates consequence as a result, the consequence and the belief will be examined.

All that is rather obvious. My point is the belief is immaterial. It matters not if five billion people believe in the one true gluten free flying spaghetti monster. Endless logical, philosophical, and scientific wanderings to argue or demonstrate the existence or nonexistence of such a tasty deity are completely barren.

I suggest the consequence of a belief is the only actionable aspect of that belief. Positive effects and desirable outcomes will result from the exercise of reasoned and compassionate influence on the negative consequences of theism, or any other system beliefs.

Unfortunately, I also believe achieving an indisputable proof of the existence of the one true gluten free flying spaghetti monster is currently a less onerous tasks than accomplishing what I suggest.

I want to express my appreciation for a post by one4reason. The question at hand was raised in God, Time, and Space, and that prompted my thinking for this piece.Thank you, one4reason.

I am a thinking being. I value reason.


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