Of Mosquitos, Masturbation, and Discourse

Have you heard an odd buzzing noise emanating from your blog? When reading comments to your recent post, do you feel a tiny prick on the back of your neck?

If you’re very, very lucky that pesky little prick you find yourself slapping at is silenceofmind, a lessor demon of Satan and mosquito like irritant to those with whom he disagrees.

For example, this was a recent response to a post on another blog.

silenceofmind on July 4, 2014 at 9:37 pm

Atheists have trouble seeing the obvious because they are 100% faith-based and dogma-driven.

silenceofmind is to intelligent, reasoned discourse what welder’s gloves are to masturbation. When he finds himself in disagreement with you, you’re in for a whacko, whacko, whacko good time.

I encourage you to engage silenceofmind. His fallacious protestations should not be left wholly unchallenged. I believe you will, however, find intelligent reasonable discourse is unlikely.

You’ll find more on silenceofmind thinking at: Is Silenceofmind an atheist troll? | The Atheist Papers


20 thoughts on “Of Mosquitos, Masturbation, and Discourse

  1. Lulz….I love Silence of the Mind because he opens the door for engagement in the absurd, the wacky world of surrealism and Dada and mad tea parties…Silence of the Mind makes me crack a Cheshire Cat smile so I do NOT engage in reasoned discourse on the subject of God (as if that’s even possible) and I go full Mad Hatter on him. LOL!!! The last time he posted on my blog, he actually stated that the Bible does not engage in magic or superstition. I showed him some bleeding Eucharists from Guadalajara, Mexico, and he never came back to visit. It’s all here…including Jesus’ menstrual cycle…Have a great day… 🙂


    • carmelitaspats666

      He does kind of grow on you. When I was writing that I was thinking I believe there’s a fair chance he is genuine in his remarks. Drastically wrong, but sincere. That said, he actually argued that killing babies to prevent future evil is ok. Weird.

      Yeah, I’ve seen your Mad Hatter. I like it. Speaking of which, I raked altruistico over the proverbial coals of sarcasm after I saw he lit info you in What does the Bible say about courage?. He never responded, never accused me of being Muslim, nothing. I’m hurt. I hope he’s ok.

      I had no idea Jesus had a menstrual cycle. New stuff is fun.

  2. Silence of Mind: “The atheist, woefully uneducated in science, philosophy and history must resort to throwing poo on the wall and hoping some of it sticks.”

    Linuxgal: “I unfollowed your blog a number of days ago for this sort of talk, and now that you’re on my blog doing the same thing, you will find that any future comments are deleted in short order. Take that as a gentle invitation to leave.”

  3. I spam his comments immediately. Why, you ask? Because I know that it bothers him that I do it. And me, being the petty, easy to please atheist I am, enjoy that fact. It makes me feel a warm fuzzy joy inside and an appreciation for life that makes my days more beautiful knowing I bothered an unadulterated, one-dimensional, small minded hocus-pocus practioner. If you allow him to comment on your blog, be prepared for crude name calling and other neantherthalish behavior. It’s fun for a moment or so, but becomes tiresome very quickly. Yours in Allah, Sheikh Pontificatius

    • Yeah, he’s a menace. Odd, I get the wounded animal feeling about him. Something injured him, he’ll bite anyone that comes near, but what he really needs is help. I can’t help him, though. I wonder if anyone can recommend a good savior to him.

      • I’m as good a choice as any. I’m opinionated, though I know very little about anything, loud, and charismatic, in a loud, opinionated sort of way. And, as of today, I decided I’m also a sheikh. Just cause I like the sound of it. I’m here to save the souls of the wounded, unwary, theist in search a name calling contest. Praise be me, Sheikh Pontificatius, the Misinformed. Amen.

      • Go forth, Oh. Great One of Misinformation. Cast Yee the Mighty Aspersions upon the Absolute Wrong in belief. Leave no Unholy Irritant without the One True Irritation.

        But please, Oh One of Greatest Knowing Something, no foreskin gathering. Right.

      • Well, if you insist. It’s just that they make such nice lamp shades, once you’ve collected enough of ’em and sewn them together. They’ll be hard to give up. But, I suppose one must do what one must do to be a divine something or other. So says the great Sheikh who knows very little, Pontificatius!

      • But you are near me, my child. For the great Sheikh Pontificatius is so full of himself, and hot air, that I’m everywhere at once. So sayeth the Great Pontificatius! Amen.

  4. He hasn’t bothered with my blog. Perhaps nothing there interests him 🙂 I have seen him posting around the atheist blog circuit. Seems nutty but harmless.

  5. He’s commented a few times on my blog but nothing trollish. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I answered his comments on my latest post and he hasn’t responded.

    • Consider yourself fortunate. I’ve engaged him whenever he’s directed comment to me. I’ve always had fun with those engagements, but they tend to be more negative than I’d like.

  6. I don’t handle him with a mile long pole. I told him a long time back his comments will go straight to spam. He still tries to engage me on other blogs where I comment. He is a real pain in the wrong places.

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