Perversion Of Intellect on A Biblical Scale

Bring unsure why there’s anything that can surprise me, I occasionally need to remind myself to be grateful I retain enough naivete for that to occur.

Case in point.

Genesis presents an unbroken historical account beginning with Adam and continuing through to Joseph in Egypt. We do not “spiritualize” historical passages (see Lesson 7). The New Testament consistently regards Adam and Eve as historical figures, pointing out that Jesus descended from Adam (Luke 3:38).

I have no desire to identify the author or source, though I will say it came from a WordPress blog. I’m saddened a person could fall to the depths of irrationality required to believe and even teach such obvious falsehoods. How can we be so weak, so foolish, so damaged as to support a faith system that feeds the perversion of intellect required to believe such tripe.

We are an inquisitive species and we are tenacious in our quest for knowledge. Imagine future generations of children raised to pursue truth thus.

The quest for truth ends when the seeker finds the answer to the questions of life—the one final answer that ultimately resolves every other question. The ultimate answer to every question—after all else is said and done—is “to glorify of God”

Imagine our reality filtered and parsed through a biblical worldview. Imagine a completely unreal reality.


6 thoughts on “Perversion Of Intellect on A Biblical Scale

  1. Superbly done. I love your use of phrase – perversion of intellect. The one thing I appear to struggle most with theistic believers is to do with the fact that we’ve not only matured as a species but our intellect has clearly matured and adapted to a better understanding. faculties such as free thinking and honest inquiry has evolved along with a better basic understanding of the world – early science education, planets, solar systems etc. Our ability to truly question the truth claims of religious books has definitely evolved along with other well earned freedoms and that’s where I think theistic believers are suspending critical faculties and are eroding their intellect. I wouldn’t go as far as say all believers are delusional but I will say they all believe in delusions at the very least.

    • rationalhumanist87,

      Thank you. I’ve never before used the phrase “perversion of intellect”, but that’s exactly how I’ve seen this stuff for a long time. There is a fundamental dishonesty in “bible science”, intelligent design, and other garbage being pass off as science.

      You’ve hit on another long standing key point. There’s an aspect of this that seems about rejection and regression.

      It’s a modern atrocity that children are being taught, no, indoctrinated into a belief system that would supplant science with lies and magic.

      • Yes. It is difficult to understand how faith schools are legal in any capacity in free thinking countries such as the UK. At the very least we should give our children the tools to decide for themselves how they view the world which is not determined by their parents’ religious belief. There’s definitely any aspect of delusion when it comes to religion. People don’t seem to be able to condemn or criticise religion on the grounds that they are beliefs which shouldn’t be interfered with or insulted or challenged etc.

      • You’re right. People are reticent to condemn beliefs, and I am one of those people. The externalization of any belief may be fair game, however. When the external manifestation of a belief is dinosaur petting zoos and pseudo science text books, then anyone not criticizing that really part of the problem.

      • Yea exactly. It’s when their belief manifests itself in a way that harms anyone or even stifles education. I have a 2 year old boy and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my role as a parent and have concluded that it is to raise him and love him and care for him but ultimately to get out of his way and let him live his life. I reject the idea of faith schools as an insult to the progress we’ve all made.
        I would like to open the debate and expose faith schools to public scrutiny. I feel they are existing below the radar of public knowledge and interest.

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