Boundless Bigotry – A Living Stereotype

I suppose I’m easy to amuse. I wonder around, see a particular symbol of hatred and atrocities past and present, and I think, “something stinks around here”.

Sure enough, there’s a bit of steaming poop in the corner.

…real religion, i.e. Christianity, but not protect false ones like Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Wiccanism, or Satanism, etc.

Not my kind of place. I move on. On the way out I find another steaming pile. A quick genetic test with my imaginary, but absolutely true and accurate, One True MonkeyGeneComparOmatic determined the two streaming piles to have a common ancestry.

Apparently certain people of our time know better than everyone else around now and throughout all the ages previously… Their hubris knows no bounds…

I’m conflicted as to which part is most hypocritical.

In the first one he wants more control over the population, and the second he’s angry because someone else has any.

In the second case, he first demonstrates a level of animus generally reserved for a description of stereotypical bigotry. Then he attributes boundless hubris to those perceived to exert some influence on him.

I’ve got to go with the second case, but that raises another question. Is all this a demonstration of evolutionary failure, exceedingly unintelligent design, or just exceedingly unintelligent?


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