It’s Not That god Hates LGBT. It Just Loves Murderers So Much More.

Can you remember christians gathering and carrying signs demonizing murder, rape, or any of a host of other violent crimes?

Are christians protesting the right of mixed gender convicted murders to marry?


Isn’t that odd how god loves and nurtures those who murder in a manner similar to crimes committed by god and his faithful and spoken of in the bible?


7 thoughts on “It’s Not That god Hates LGBT. It Just Loves Murderers So Much More.

  1. This post reminds me of when Dr. James Dobson did his interview in prison with Ted Bundy, and Bundy proclaimed he found God while on death row. There was so much sympathy in the interview for him, and my high school Sunday school class and I watched it as evidence of how God can save evil people. All that compassion for a guy who ended the lives of young women, and none for people who just have a different lifestyle.

  2. The stats show that there is a preponderance of godbotherers behind bars in the USA. Far, far more than there are non-believers. This leaves me wondering whether they were godbotherers when they committed their crimes (doncha know god’s watching you, you dumbfucks!), genuinely ‘saw the light’ once locked away, or got ‘saved’ when they heard that attending godbothering meetings would knock time off their term.
    Oh, hush my cynical mouth!

      • I heard something along those lines in a November 2011 ‘Thinking Atheist’ podcast ‘FAQ’. A young, christian woman had called the host, Seth, because she was interested in knowing how and why some people transition from being a ‘fundie’ believer – as Seth had been – to atheism.
        The chat got around to this notion that someone can commit murder – carnage, in fact – and have a deathbed conversion and, according to the young women, would be ‘saved’. Yet she wanted to prevaricate and say “Well, we can’t be sure of someone’s motives” when Seth asked her whether a Muslim like Ayaan Hirsi Ali (writer, activist, politician), who has done an enormous amount of work to help other people – including campaigning against female genital mutilation – could also be ‘saved’.
        I think the young woman’s hesitation came from not wanting to admit – which I think she almost did in the end – that being good’s not enough. You gotta get the right religion. Too bad, nice person … into hell you pop!
        Almost every prejudice these mealy-mouthed people people carry comes out of their ‘good book’. You have to wonder why – since their Big Man In The Sky is so thoroughly homophobic – he saw fit to arrange that 435 other species also exhibit homosexual behaviour!
        I think it’s precisely because this ‘good book’ has been demonstrated to be so profoundly immoral, inconsistent and just plain wrong that we’re now seeing the rise of presupp apologist arseholes like Sye Ten Bruggencate who ‘won’t debate scripture with atheists’. Instead he just tells his opposition they can’t know anything because they don’t know god.
        If Heaven has Bruggencate and his god I’m bloody well not going there!

      • I had tie dying conversion discussion with a relative. With no desire to be disrespectful, I laughed out loud when she explained that _extreme bad person_, well, you know the rest.

        Add to that level of irrational thinking the bigotry, discrimination, hatred, and the rest. Throw in a deity, holy book, overwhelming desire to dictate how others should live…

        These people should be studied.

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