Is Religion Dangerous?

@br_holden: Religion tends to be dangerous to humanity because it lowers the value of human life in favor of a fictional afterlife.

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5 thoughts on “Is Religion Dangerous?

  1. I find the commentt, “Start with I can’t be satisfied until everyone behaves and believes as me.” to be a bit short-sighted. I am a Christian (you can start getting angry at me now) and see statements like this on a fairly regular basis and am always puzzled by them. If one truly adheres to a religion (any religion), then one’s worldview is going to be in alignment with that religion, right? So if I hold that somebody who violate God’s laws will be held accountable, then any interaction I have with that person will reflect that. Thus when you hear someone preaching, trying to convince you of the truth to their position it isn’t done with a “you must be like me” motive, rather, it is done with a “don’t you understand the trouble you’re in” motive. You can deny the preacher’s message all you want, but it is a dishonest thing to characterize religous folk as simple trying mandate the world’s behavior. If the Christian worldview is correct, the most hateful thing in the world would be to keep silent so as to leave you in a ignorant bliss.

    • Nope, not mad. Thank you for the permission, though.

      First, you’re (the collective you) judging me by your personal and group standards. You have no right.

      You desire to control my life, my behavior, my thoughts and desires. You have no right.

      If the Christian worldview is correct…

      I always find this line of thinking facinating, and tiring. For me this is the same as the existence of god argument. I don’t care.

      What I do care about is the externalization of a belief system causing harm. I care enough about you (the personal you) not to hurt you.

      • “You desire to control my life, my behavior, my thoughts and desires. ”

        No. I don’t. You didn’t take 5 seconds to think through the logic I laid out, did you? You simply threw out more falsely based “You’re not the boss of me” accusations.
        Moving on…

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