Satan, Uh, Magic Satanic Furniture Starts War. Not Satisfied, Satanic Furniture Starts Another War!

I’ve had an interest in WWII since I was a child. As an adult I pursued this interest through reading. Churchill was a marvelous writer and left us with a compelling and unique insight into the second world war. I’ve read about Nazi Germany and its significant players, and I’ve read books written by these men.

Still, I am routinely astonished at the attrocities committed by the Nazis. I have always wanted to better understand how mere mortals could have committed such terrible acts on the scale on which they did. While there are many insights to be had from an examination of the history, I’ve always felt unsatisfied in my quest for a greater understanding of mankind’s propensity for large scale violence.

Finally, after many years of searching I have found the answer. I now have a complete understanding of good men turned evil in WWII, and other conflicts.

I encourage you to read the linked piece, but here’s the gist.

The throne of Satan uncovered

In 1878, German archaeologists uncovered the largely intact altar of Satan. In 1901, they dismantled it and transferred the altar to a museum on Berlin’s Museum Island — renamed Pergamon Museum in honor of its most famous relic.

Thirteen years after its arrival, World War I started with the Germans on the Axis side. It is estimated 16 million people were killed during this war.

So WWI is now explained.

Then in 1939, Germany under Adolf Hitler initiated World War II where over 60 million people were killed including 6 million Jews in concentration camps.

Ok, WWII is now reduced to the influence of magic furniture.

This is similarly one of the goals of the end times Anti Christ — political control of the earth.

This is beautiful; elegant. No higher intelligence is required for a complete understanding. In fact, all that is necessary is a childlike intelligence and a belief in magic. Oh, you also need at least one piece of magic furniture.


4 thoughts on “Satan, Uh, Magic Satanic Furniture Starts War. Not Satisfied, Satanic Furniture Starts Another War!

  1. In college I was introduced to Ian Kershaw, an historian who focused on Nazi Germany. His biographies on Hitler (“Hubris” and “Nemesis”) are a great insight into understanding Hitler’s role in shaping the Holocaust if you haven’t read them already. Oddly enough, satanic furniture wasn’t mentioned in either book.

    Great post!

  2. I’m also a history buff but I like to study the genocide of indigenous people by the Spanish (Christopher Columbus’ journal, Bernal Diaz del Castillo’s narrative, Christianity in the Americas, etc) and by the U.S. government (Andrew Jackson)….You don’t have to go to WWII…What the U.S. gov’t did to Native Americans is appalling on a Yahwehist scale of atrocities. Choctaw casinos in Oklahoma somehow don’t make up for it. In Mexico, we had slave/concentration camps for Yaqui natives who were rounded up and shipped to the Yucatan to die…Men, women, children…Horrible stuff.

    • What we did to Native Americans and slavery are two parts of America I’ve never reconciled with the present. No more slaves, no more Jim Crow as it existed historically, yet racism and discrimination are alive and well. I know much less of Native American plight, but I know the culture, the tribes, the families, and their way of life were wrecked. I’ve long felt that we would do well to be less arrogant and more humble when we reflect on how our great country came to be great.

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