Are Christians And Muslims Alike?

Of course they are. While there are some that would argue the humanity of the others, they’re all people. They have lives and families. They all have emotions and feel pain.

Living in the US I hear a fair amount of Christian hatred directed toward Muslims. Much of the overt hate is directed toward radical Muslims, but I sense there are some that would be pleased to have all of Islam disappear. I have no reason to disbelieve the same is true for Muslims.

I have heard Christians complain loudly that moderate Muslims do little or nothing to curb the behavior of radicals. I don’t disagree. What I fail to understand is why Christians fail to take their own advice. Wouldn’t that be the “Christian” thing to do?


4 thoughts on “Are Christians And Muslims Alike?

  1. While this particular blog is an oversimplification of Christianity and Islam, the two religions are alike in some ways. In other ways they are vastly different and there are many complex facets to Islam and Christianity. Islam provided Europe with many advances when Christianity was wallowing around in medieval mud. Now a great deal of modern Christianity has helped to advance science and medicine, while modern Islam has somehow fallen back. Not all parts of religion are bad- some are quite good for humanity.

    • I like simple. It works like this. You and I are people. Our beliefs differ, our tastes differ, our perception of our surroundings differ. Despite our differences, we remain people.

      When objectified through application of a label or assignment to a group, you’re no longer a person. You are a _______! And you well know what that brings.

      Oversimplified? Sure. I like simple.

      • I’m not really defending Christianity or Islam, per se. I definitely understand that there will always be the attitude, “if you are not with us then you are against us.” To this day, Catholics still kill Protestants and Sunni Muslims still kill Shia Muslims. You’re right though, in that, why can’t we all just get past the religion and see each other as humans.

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