Who Wrote The Bible?

I disagree with the video’s author as to the Satanic origin of the bible. I spoke with Satan about this, and was full well prepared to use harsh language when chastising him for creating such horrific evil stories. Satan, however, swore on a bible it wasn’t him.

So, there you go. I said it. It must be true.

While this piece isn’t comedic, Edward Current is quite funny. Check out his channel if you’re interested in short, humorous pieces on religion.


5 thoughts on “Who Wrote The Bible?

  1. Nice post but I can’t quite understand if Edward Current is being serious here. Of course he would make some sort of sense if he used ‘Satan’ as a metaphor for all the trickery and misleading that is going on but to ultimately believe that satan is real is the same as believing god is real. He dwells far too long in the supernatural for me to consider a ‘godless atheist’ if he is serious…

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