The Most Digestible God

Ever wonder why the “defense or proof of Christianity”, to quote my dictionary, is called apologetics?

I believe the dismissal of the most indefensible parts of the bible are effectively “apologetic”, in something of a perversion of the common meaning of the word. Rather than forgiveness, I believe acceptance, or “digestibility”, is the purpose. The product has to be agreeable, palatable, to keep the faithful coming and giving.

It’s time for a new religion. The One True Word of Absolute Feel Goodness.

“The Flying Spaghetti Monster – Your Digestible God”

Tells you what to do and tastes good, too.


One thought on “The Most Digestible God

  1. I’ve never liked the word ‘apologetic’ when used in a religious context. There’s a book, it says some far fetched things, you should defend it without bending over backward. You’d think an all-knowing God would do better than give us this easily mistaken book that needs apologetics to survive critical thinking.

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