An Accused Flasher Is Claiming Innocence On Grounds That His Penis Is Too Small

Awh, hell. That’s just too funny.



A 54-year-old delivery man in Germany known as Herbert O., due to the fact that the court has not released his full name, has been accused of delivering an — ahem — unwanted package to a teenage girl. The girl and her mother reported to police that the man had approached their house with his bratwurst (I’m so sorry) hanging out of his unzipped pants on full display, however the man claims that’s impossible due to the fact that his penis is too small to even be able to accomplish such a feat.

The man’s poor, probably extremely sexually unsatisfied wife has even backed him up, so now the court has ordered an official penis measuring.

“I’m sorry, darling, but your penis is too short to hang out of your trousers,” she told the local court in the town of Leer in East Frisia (Lower Saxony). Confronted with this conflicting…

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