The Jesus Proof

You know, I’m not highly vested on either side of the existence of an historical Jesus Christ. I actually think the character is mostly good and useful, up to the whole living dead thing.

While I’ve seen a small number of huggable zombies in movies, christianity’s creation of a zombie god myth as the son of a magical god is far too irrational to entertain as realistic.

Not wishing to provoke the ire of believers, I’ve awaited the absolute truth of the hard evidence of a small number of little known scholars to announce proof that an historical Jesus Christ is nothing more than a wispy shadow of an early zombie character.

Now before the heads of any god fearing christians explode at the irrationality of non-belief, allow me this. You guys created (oops) “bible science”, “creation science”, and a 6,000 year old universe pooped into existence by magic. I get to play with Zombie Jesus.

Did the historical Jesus exist? A growing number of scholars don’t think so



4 thoughts on “The Jesus Proof

  1. I think “ZJ” is way catchier than “JC.”

    As to whether Jesus was real and partially imagined, or not real and therefore fully imagined, how much does it matter? As I move further and further away from my old superstitions, I’m beginning to wonder if discussion about his reality is necessary to the overall goal of debunking religion in general.

    • I honestly would like the man, not the magician, to have lived and helped others to get along. I find that idea refreshing when interposed into the biblical times of crucifixion, circumcision, and foreskin hunts.

      That said, I can’t resist a good zombie story.

      • Me neither (can resist a good zombie story)
        Great post.
        As for Baby Hey Zeus,
        I don’t really care for him, fictional, made up, dreamed up, or hysterically hysterical historical.

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