The Jesus Proof

You know, I’m not highly vested on either side of the existence of an historical Jesus Christ. I actually think the character is mostly good and useful, up to the whole living dead thing.

While I’ve seen a small number of huggable zombies in movies, christianity’s creation of a zombie god myth as the son of a magical god is far too irrational to entertain as realistic.

Not wishing to provoke the ire of believers, I’ve awaited the absolute truth of the hard evidence of a small number of little known scholars to announce proof that an historical Jesus Christ is nothing more than a wispy shadow of an early zombie character.

Now before the heads of any god fearing christians explode at the irrationality of non-belief, allow me this. You guys created (oops) “bible science”, “creation science”, and a 6,000 year old universe pooped into existence by magic. I get to play with Zombie Jesus.

Did the historical Jesus exist? A growing number of scholars don’t think so



I Love A Good Magic Trick

Sometimes you just gotta say something.

In A Deeper Look at If Evolution Is True, llamapacker puts the intellectually mere mortals among us on notice of the upcoming complexity of creation.

This is part of a very complicated discussion about creation.

I confess (well…) to deep anticipatory angst in advance at what I expected would be a severe intellectual thrashing.

I saw a link to something. I didn’t bother. I was still enthralled at the upcoming intellectually complex creation argument.

The evolutionary debate is complex on its own, but it is often further complicated by the use of a logical fallacy known as equivocation.

I am once again disappointed at yet another vacuous “argument” for creation. Thankfully, it was mercifully brief.

Science cannot be debated, countered, displaced, disproved, mitigated, obfuscated, or negated by magic.

The “argument”, wether purportedly complex or genuinely so, is nothing but a diversion. For honest believers, it permits compliance and provides cover from reality. For the self-serving, it provides a power base and income steam (it’s great for comedians, too). For others it’s a compulsion to which they must respond.

Well, I always thought magic was fun.

Pinky And The Brain, Or god. You Choose.

The Mack Quigley Report in ‘Separation of Church and State’ is an Godless Blasphemy said in part:

There is a blasphemous American doctrine that has taken over the world, the foolish and irreverent notion of an atheistic government. The so-called ‘separation of church and state’ is fine if it merely precludes one denomination from Christianity from using government to persecute fellow Christians, but it is warped and erroneous if it rejects the acknowledgement of the exclusive Lordship of Jesus Christ as supreme ruler over the nation’s government.

All the governments of this world must submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ!

There were 37 bible quotes (listed below), and not much more, used to compulsively argue, or directly cause, submission of the world’s governments to batshit crazy christianity.

Pinky and the Brain are more likely to succeed, and would do a far better job of ruling the world.

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