Christian Denial, Christian Cowardice, Christian Psychosis

Occasionally I encounter a level of hypocrisy and twisted denial in the name of pure evil that I almost can’t believe it could be. Almost.

I have a desire to effect a positive change, but the only tool I have is reason. In the current instance, I judge that reason has long ago abandoned the twisted existence of this person.

I feel there is little I can do but to preserve an instance of this atrocity of thought and belief. I do so with the selfish desire to calm myself, and the foolish hope that, like a war memorial to a horrific event, this may somehow work to prevent such perversion of thought in the future.

I happened across this gem, Is Hell an Infinite Punishment for a Finite Crime?, written by jasontrivium.

It is sometimes suggested that God sentences those in Hell to an infinite punishment for a finite crime, and that because of this, he is unjust. But is the punishment of Hell infinite? No it is not.

So that’s the baseline. Infinity is not infinite. No, really. Read on.

Furthermore, the duration of their punishment is not infinite either, it is only everlasting, which is to say, finite. It begins at a point in time, and continues from that point forever, but the punishment never reaches an infinite amount of time.

I feel a bit dizzy, but I get it. It’s contrived and self serving. It is a semantic point that completely ignores the suffering and it’s unjust basis.

So an accurate description of the punishment would be “everlasting” (Matthew 25:46).

The obligatory and deafening biblical justification. Well, that makes it all better.

But is God just in sentencing sinners to everlasting punishment? Yes he is. Sinners are punished in accordance with their guilt, which is everlasting. No one commits a sin, and then ten years later is able to say, “I’m no longer guilty of that sin.” On the contrary, they remain guilty (and thus deserving of punishment) forever. Their guilt never ceases, and so neither does their punishment.

That is a special form of christian self hate that, in true christian fashion, is imposed by christians on all of humanity.

In conclusion, the punishment God sentences sinners to is finite in both degree and duration. Further, it is perfectly proportioned to the sinner’s guilt in both degree and duration, and thus perfectly just. Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on behalf of sinful humanity, is the propitiation God has made available for those who wish to avoid the punishment they deserve.

Infinity is finite. Sure, and 2 + 2 = 22.

Linuxgal gave him a bit, and his response is the most twisted piece of senseless drivel I’ve seen since… Well, even SOM makes more sense, occasionally. Then I had my say. Not my best writing, but it damn sure felt good. Besides, it’s only eternity in hell, not infinity.

July 27, 2014 at 9:55 pm

One trillion years of being burned alive because a little girl was raised Muslim and not Christian, and she’s just getting started on her suffering? No thanks, your god is a monster.

July 27, 2014 at 9:59 pm

God in His providence has so arranged the world that those who would respond to the Gospel if they heard it, do hear it. The sovereign God has so ordered human history that as the Gospel spreads out from first century Palestine, He places people in its path who would believe it if they heard it. Once the Gospel reaches a people, God providentially places there persons who He knew would respond to it if they heard it. In His love and mercy, God ensures that no one who would believe the Gospel if he heard it is born at a time and place in history where he fails to hear it. Those who do not respond to God’s general revelation in nature and conscience and never hear the Gospel would not respond to it if they did hear it. Hence, no one is lost because of historical or geographical accident. Anyone who wants or even would want to be saved will be saved.

Read more:

Roger Wilco | humanisthuman
July 28, 2014 at 12:06 am

Jesus, you are one sick fuck.


Satan, Uh, Magic Satanic Furniture Starts War. Not Satisfied, Satanic Furniture Starts Another War!

I’ve had an interest in WWII since I was a child. As an adult I pursued this interest through reading. Churchill was a marvelous writer and left us with a compelling and unique insight into the second world war. I’ve read about Nazi Germany and its significant players, and I’ve read books written by these men.

Still, I am routinely astonished at the attrocities committed by the Nazis. I have always wanted to better understand how mere mortals could have committed such terrible acts on the scale on which they did. While there are many insights to be had from an examination of the history, I’ve always felt unsatisfied in my quest for a greater understanding of mankind’s propensity for large scale violence.

Finally, after many years of searching I have found the answer. I now have a complete understanding of good men turned evil in WWII, and other conflicts.

I encourage you to read the linked piece, but here’s the gist.

The throne of Satan uncovered

In 1878, German archaeologists uncovered the largely intact altar of Satan. In 1901, they dismantled it and transferred the altar to a museum on Berlin’s Museum Island — renamed Pergamon Museum in honor of its most famous relic.

Thirteen years after its arrival, World War I started with the Germans on the Axis side. It is estimated 16 million people were killed during this war.

So WWI is now explained.

Then in 1939, Germany under Adolf Hitler initiated World War II where over 60 million people were killed including 6 million Jews in concentration camps.

Ok, WWII is now reduced to the influence of magic furniture.

This is similarly one of the goals of the end times Anti Christ — political control of the earth.

This is beautiful; elegant. No higher intelligence is required for a complete understanding. In fact, all that is necessary is a childlike intelligence and a belief in magic. Oh, you also need at least one piece of magic furniture.