The Reality Of Belief


Sometimes a meme says enough.


The Most Digestible God

Ever wonder why the “defense or proof of Christianity”, to quote my dictionary, is called apologetics?

I believe the dismissal of the most indefensible parts of the bible are effectively “apologetic”, in something of a perversion of the common meaning of the word. Rather than forgiveness, I believe acceptance, or “digestibility”, is the purpose. The product has to be agreeable, palatable, to keep the faithful coming and giving.

It’s time for a new religion. The One True Word of Absolute Feel Goodness.

“The Flying Spaghetti Monster – Your Digestible God”

Tells you what to do and tastes good, too.

Finally, Christian Apologetic Proof The Bible Was Written By Murderers

Magic is both entertaining and mysterious. Like watching a fictional movie, or reading a book of fiction, suspending disbelief while watching a good magic performance is fun.

It’s no wonder magicians keep their secrets close. The mystery of magic is almost it’s entire attractive force. While dangling the mystery in front of the curious is also entertaining, no one would seriously attempt to explain magic by referencing magic.

Why then do christians rely so heavily on self referential reasoning to explain their belief system? Timothy J. Hammons apologetic piece intended to demonstrate the veracity and divine origin of the bible, But The Bible Was Written By Men!, is wonderfully self referential. I’ll leave you to experience that for yourself, should you choose.

The piece does offer one interesting bit – the bible was primarily authored by murderers.

So a majority of the Bible is written by three murderers showing God’s rich grace toward His people and showing that there are none He cannot reach with the righteousness of Christ.

It seems reasonable that murders would have such a heavy hand in a writing containing so much evil.

A Little Help From Satan, Perhaps?