The Jesus Proof

You know, I’m not highly vested on either side of the existence of an historical Jesus Christ. I actually think the character is mostly good and useful, up to the whole living dead thing.

While I’ve seen a small number of huggable zombies in movies, christianity’s creation of a zombie god myth as the son of a magical god is far too irrational to entertain as realistic.

Not wishing to provoke the ire of believers, I’ve awaited the absolute truth of the hard evidence of a small number of little known scholars to announce proof that an historical Jesus Christ is nothing more than a wispy shadow of an early zombie character.

Now before the heads of any god fearing christians explode at the irrationality of non-belief, allow me this. You guys created (oops) “bible science”, “creation science”, and a 6,000 year old universe pooped into existence by magic. I get to play with Zombie Jesus.

Did the historical Jesus exist? A growing number of scholars don’t think so



The Real Danger Of Belief

In the following piece on Patheos you can read the story of an elected official ejecting a citizen from a public meeting for that person’s failure to participate in prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Florida Mayor Kicks Atheist Out of City Commission Meeting After He Doesn’t Stand for the Invocation or Pledge

The quoted exchange (partial) gives you a feel for the nature of the event, and provides sufficient basis for my concern. Religion cannot exist without control, and that control inevitably leads to abuse. This story described but one form.

Religion cannot coexist with rational, humanitarian processes. At some point religion’s requirement for power and control surfaces to ill effect. In particular, religion and government are incompatible.

At yesterday’s meeting of the Winter Garden City Commissioners (in Florida), Mayor John Rees announced that they would begin with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance, as many government meetings do, and asked everyone to stand up.

John Thoreau, an atheist, remained seated. Normally, that would be irrelevant since he has every right to do that, but Rees had other ideas.

As the first syllable of the invocation was uttered, Rees told everyone to hold up because Thoreau was still sitting down…

Boundless Bigotry – A Living Stereotype

I suppose I’m easy to amuse. I wonder around, see a particular symbol of hatred and atrocities past and present, and I think, “something stinks around here”.

Sure enough, there’s a bit of steaming poop in the corner.

…real religion, i.e. Christianity, but not protect false ones like Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Wiccanism, or Satanism, etc.

Not my kind of place. I move on. On the way out I find another steaming pile. A quick genetic test with my imaginary, but absolutely true and accurate, One True MonkeyGeneComparOmatic determined the two streaming piles to have a common ancestry.

Apparently certain people of our time know better than everyone else around now and throughout all the ages previously… Their hubris knows no bounds…

I’m conflicted as to which part is most hypocritical.

In the first one he wants more control over the population, and the second he’s angry because someone else has any.

In the second case, he first demonstrates a level of animus generally reserved for a description of stereotypical bigotry. Then he attributes boundless hubris to those perceived to exert some influence on him.

I’ve got to go with the second case, but that raises another question. Is all this a demonstration of evolutionary failure, exceedingly unintelligent design, or just exceedingly unintelligent?

Stop Hugging Me Like That! You Preevert! “This ain’t no front hug zone” – Video

Okay, now god has issues with hugging.

Now uh, don’t use that front hug boy
That makes us awkward
That’s inappropriate
You back up off her cause we
Wanna keep our mind pure
Wanna keep away from sin
That means it’s you too girl
Only one arm around him

I’ve got quite a diatribe about this in my head. You know, fearful, controlling, puritanical, ridiculous, psychotic people that actually propagate. I’ll spare you all that and simply offer the video.

Christian side hug with lyrics.