The Jesus Proof

You know, I’m not highly vested on either side of the existence of an historical Jesus Christ. I actually think the character is mostly good and useful, up to the whole living dead thing.

While I’ve seen a small number of huggable zombies in movies, christianity’s creation of a zombie god myth as the son of a magical god is far too irrational to entertain as realistic.

Not wishing to provoke the ire of believers, I’ve awaited the absolute truth of the hard evidence of a small number of little known scholars to announce proof that an historical Jesus Christ is nothing more than a wispy shadow of an early zombie character.

Now before the heads of any god fearing christians explode at the irrationality of non-belief, allow me this. You guys created (oops) “bible science”, “creation science”, and a 6,000 year old universe pooped into existence by magic. I get to play with Zombie Jesus.

Did the historical Jesus exist? A growing number of scholars don’t think so



The Real Danger Of Belief

In the following piece on Patheos you can read the story of an elected official ejecting a citizen from a public meeting for that person’s failure to participate in prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Florida Mayor Kicks Atheist Out of City Commission Meeting After He Doesn’t Stand for the Invocation or Pledge

The quoted exchange (partial) gives you a feel for the nature of the event, and provides sufficient basis for my concern. Religion cannot exist without control, and that control inevitably leads to abuse. This story described but one form.

Religion cannot coexist with rational, humanitarian processes. At some point religion’s requirement for power and control surfaces to ill effect. In particular, religion and government are incompatible.

At yesterday’s meeting of the Winter Garden City Commissioners (in Florida), Mayor John Rees announced that they would begin with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance, as many government meetings do, and asked everyone to stand up.

John Thoreau, an atheist, remained seated. Normally, that would be irrelevant since he has every right to do that, but Rees had other ideas.

As the first syllable of the invocation was uttered, Rees told everyone to hold up because Thoreau was still sitting down…

Satanic Diapers?


Satan Wears Diapers?

From the National Library in Stockholm

Codex Gigas

The Codex Gigas or the Devil’s Bible at the National Library in Stockholm is famous for two features. First, it is reputed to be the biggest surviving European manuscript. (Codex Gigas means ‘giant book’.) Secondly, it contains a large, full page portrait of the Devil.

Just so there’s no confusion, this is a Latin language christian bible. Who else would put a diaper on Satan?

LGBT – Abomination; Muslim – Evil Terrorist + False Deity; Baptist Leader – Bestiality Is Good

The headline was:

Baptist Conference CEO Arrested for Soliciting Dog Sex

Jerald Hill, the CEO of the Windermere Baptist Conference Center in Missouri, was arrested earlier this week for attempting to solicit sex with a dog off Craigslist. (And yes, Hill knew it was a dog.)

The Columbia Tribune reports that the Boone County Sheriff’s Department Cyber Crimes Task Force flagged Hill, after they saw that he’d posted an ad on Craigslist looking to have sex with two different types of animals, one of them a dog.

In another article, Missouri Baptist leader arrested for attempted bestiality, the Windermere Baptist Conference Center was quoted saying:

“We are concerned for the well-being of Jerry… and we are also concerned with the well-being Windermere,” added Mallory.

The animals people; what about the animals.

“Windermere will continue to function in a good way… it is a significant piece of God’s kingdom’s work.”

Yes, and the Catholic clergy is a positive influence on children.

Now I’m not so stupid, or heartless, to suggest that Baptists condone this behavior. Neither am I so stupid, or delusional, as to believe I possess absolute truth, a hotline to a deity, or the right to dictate to others how they should live their lives.

Until christianity divests itself of its hypocrisy, hatred, discrimination, and the remainder of its evils, I cannot but care more for the well-being of the animals than the person.