Brian Fischer Is Finally Of The Closet, And Out Of His Mind

Brian Fischer is not hard to miss. He’s one of the Wild Wacky Fun Luv’n Christians that wastes his life yelling his hatred of everything at anyone listening. I’ve never heard him profess to like anything meaningful that actually exists. To be reasonable, he must have a favorite food. Right?

One of this wacko’s favorite things to rail against is homosexuality. I’ve seen him go off on the LGBT community, but he really has it in for gay men. To mangle Shakespeare, thou doth protest too much.

Fischer used the tragic destruction of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in which 298 people are reported killed to spew some hate at Obama and express his undying love of gay men.


It’s Not That god Hates LGBT. It Just Loves Murderers So Much More.

Can you remember christians gathering and carrying signs demonizing murder, rape, or any of a host of other violent crimes?

Are christians protesting the right of mixed gender convicted murders to marry?


Isn’t that odd how god loves and nurtures those who murder in a manner similar to crimes committed by god and his faithful and spoken of in the bible?